Uptivo Lightband

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Uptivo Lightband is the ideal choice for Uptivo club members who prioritize convenience, without sacrificing data accuracy. TheLightband is the first heart rate monitor with integrated, effort-based LED lights that let you adjust your training intensity in the blink of an eye. Each color is tied to personal training zones and maximum heart rate. 
The immediate feedback provided by LED lights and theinternal memory make the Lightband an ideal choice for swimming and water sports. 

Optical heart rate monitoring - Latest generation optical sensor, suitable for every skin type 
Heart rate driven LED lights - Training-zone-based LED lights* 
Water resistant - IP68 certification makes it perfect for water aerobics and swimming* 
Internal memory- Can store hours of training data* 
Dual wireless transmissionsupport for the most common transmission standards makes the Lightband compatible with the major fitness apps and smartwatches on the market 
Rechargeable battery- Long duration battery with USB charge cable  

*Customization of LED lights and use of internal memory require the use of the Uptivo app, which is available for members of Uptivo fitness clubs.